ZaimusConnect features for all users

By integrating roles and responsibilities of four different users sections, ZaimusConnect provides real time updates and awareness to all users. While students and parents are updated on performances and curriculum details, teachers and management can build insights for improved efficiency and optimised performances.

  • Class Attendance

    Quick and easy attendance marking which is integrated with student leave module. Students on leave are clearly identified making it easier for the teacher. Absence alerts (SMS / Mobile) are send immediately to parents. Attendance can be marked as per teacher's convenience either from mobile or desktop.

  • Assignments / Notes

    Create assignments and set submission deadline. View submitted assignments and check who are still to submit. Upload class notes and let students refer from home so that they can catch up on something missed.

  • Subject Plan & Topics

    Specify assessment criteria as per the requirement for each subject. Also create detailed teaching plan by specifying which module and topic will be taught in each session.

  • Assessment Structure

    Create any type of assessment pattern, be it examination / class work / extra curricular for IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE or State boards. Create pattern with any number of hierarchy as suited to school's need. Template for CBSE CCE structure, including new one for 2017 - 18, is provided for smooth adaptation.

  • Marks Auto Tabulation

    System will automatically tabulate the marks as per the criteria (weightage) specified in the assessment structure. Teacher need not worry about calculation be it one,two, three or four exams. Change the criteria as needed and see it automatically reflected in marks. Take a break from excel.

  • Grades - Auto Suggestion

    Manage the grading criteria for each subject. System suggests the grade based on the mark obtained and the criteria.

  • Parent Communication

    Don't let PTMs be the only time when parents know whats happening with the child. Start a conversation with parent and see how happy they are to know about their child. Be it academic progress, achievements, food,special attention or anything that is of concern for a parent. Be assured that parents cannot pester teachers too much as system can restrict the activity frequency.

  • Student Leave

    Know about student absence even before going to the class. Student leave is reflected and identifiable in attendance marking thus reducing chances of mistake.

  • Diary Entry

    Make diary entry and let parents know immediately about it without waiting for their child to comeback from school.